My child really needs help. How soon can we get started?

Right away! Give us a call and we will match your child with one of our amazing tutors and schedule you within next couple of days, possibly the same day.

How many classes are taken per month?

We take 14 classes per month.

How the classes are conducted?

We conduct online live classes and we conduct class for duration of one hour 5 minutes

How long do I need to take the tuition for?

This depends on your target and goal; however consistency is the key to success. Regular lessons are extremely important as they allow steady progress to be made.

Is online tutoring effective?

Most students new to online tutoring feel enthusiastic and engaged through media which are familiar to them. Working on a white board shared in real time with a tutor encourages students to focus and work hard whilst enjoying what they do, and hence develop excellent attitude towards learning. There is certainly no compromise in online classes verses in person lessons.

What type of online platforms tutors use?

Skype, Google Meet.

Is the tutors platform mobile and tablet friendly? 

Yes, tutors online tutoring platform Works on both tablet and mobile devices.

How can parents monitor an online session?

Parents get everyday updates regarding their child attendance.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.