Foundation Courses NEET & JEE

Foundation Courses from Class 6-10

Every great thing achieved has one thing in a common solid foundation. As the competition for exams like NEET And JEE keeps getting tougher, students need to prepare for such exams from very early age. Our foundation program for NEET and JEE caters this specific need by ensuring strong fundamentals.

Taking it further, the courses for foundation and pre-foundation encapsulate the learning process beyond school levels and includes preparation for competitive examinations like NTSE, Olympiad and also developing a sound foundation for excellence in school examination along with easing into higher grade topics.

Our foundation and pre foundation courses are designed especially for JEE And NEET Aspirants that would give them an edge over other students appearing for these examinations.

Pre-Foundation Courses from Class 6-7

This program covers all topics of class 6&7 mathematics and science thus preparing students for school examinations, while developing a solid foundation for IIT and NEET. Certain advanced concepts and problem solving strategies are also discussed.

Foundation Courses from Class 8-10

The program covers all topics of maths and science to help students excel in their Board examinations. Advanced concepts of maths and science are also covered, along with time management techniques and problem solving strategies for success in various competitive exams like NEET and JEE.

The courses have been thought fully designed in such a way to help students from the pre foundation levels and then prepare students for all future competitive examinations.

This courses encompasses following skills:

  • Improves mathematics skills
  • Enhancement of scientific Temperment.
  • Enhancement of competitive quotient.
  • Enhancement of intelligence quotient.

Objectives of the course 

  • Live interactive online classes 
  • Recorded live sessions
  • Doubt solving classes 
  • Discussion forum 
  • Assignments 
  • Practice tests on important topics 
  • Unlimited question solving 
  • Parent Teacher meetings 
  • Monthly Report cards. 

Mentored Live Program


  • Live interactive online classes.
  • Recorded video lectures.
  • 120 lecture hours.
  • Practice tests.
  • Revision tests.
  • Personal mentor to guide you and clear your doubts.

Course fee : 22500


  • Live online interactive classes
  • 160 lecture hours
  • Recorded video lectures
  • Practice tests
  • Revision tests
  • Personal mentor to guide you and clear your doubts.

Course fee : 29500

Self Study Program (JEE & NEET)

From class 6-7

  • Recorded video lectures
  • Recorded videos on every topic.
  • Practice questions.

Course fee : 9999


  • Recorded video lectures.
  • Recorded videos on every topic.
  • Practice questions.

Course fee : 12999